Rotary eyeglasses

We developed and produced prototypes of rotary eyeglass frame. Glasses consist of the fixed frame that includes nose pads and side arches and rotating frame with lenses. Fixed and rotary frames are connected by linkage that allows the rotary frame to be lifted up and simultaneously rotated relative to its longitudinal axis so as to exclude contact of lenses with forehead skin.

This eyeglass frame construction could be used both for dioptric and sunglasses. In case of necessity lenses could be located on both rotary and fixed frames. This product is aimed to facilitate life for those who have to take on and off their glasses often as well as for cases of presbyopia or just for sunglass lenses. This new type of rotary eyeware frame was initially designed to be used in AR/VR glasses coupled with wearable computer as smart necklace.

Поворотные очки (варианты)
Заявка РФ № 2017123756
Eyeglasses with a fixed frame and a rotatable frame
US Appl No 15/688968