Smart glasses

We have developed and patented a number of solutions for optimizing smart glasses that can be combined on the basis of two components, each of which is worn on separate parts of the body, where the first, the executive part of the device in the form of a display is located on the user's head, and the second part of the device is worn on the neck and shoulders, serving as the hardware base for the first part, both parts are interconnected by signal and power wires, which are organized in such a way so that it may avoid sagging and entangling wires.

This design of smart glasses allows you to repeatedly increase the productivity and operating time of the device having disposed the users of the need of wearing a bulky and heavy device on their heads.

Composite wearable electronic communication device.
US Patent No 9612440
Composite wearable electronic communication device.
Us Appl. No 15/449613