Necktec welcomes partnership and cooperation

What’s been done so far:
Necktec e-necklace form factor created and key technical solutions have been patented in Russia and USA. U.S. Patent applications are filed.

• We made several working prototypes where we implemented and combined the functions of a wireless headset, a music player, an amplifier, and built-in memory.

• We designed and patented a specially-made earphones with different configuration modes - from Comfort Mode for constant/permanent wear to High-Fidelity Mode for high-quality sound. Our unique high-precision mechanism for winding the cables has no parallels in the world.

• We’ve conducted a review of acoustic parameters’ measurements, and based on the results of that research we have created a microphone array which can be used for the entire class of Smart Necklace - a quickly-expanding division of wearables*.
U.S. Patent for Smart Necklace with microphone array is also filed.

We are grateful to the partners and suppliers of Necktec project:
SAF Technika, RobAero SIA, Prototyping SIA (Latvia), Baumann Moscow State Technical University (Russia), Pirogov Moscow Medical University (Russia), Digitale-sa (Switzerland), Estron A/S, Medicologic A/S, Sonion A/S, RTX A/S (Denmark), Bluegiga Technologies (Finland), MICROMO (FAULHABER Group), Qualcomm Technologies International.

What’s unique about Necktec:

• Its combination of power, flexibility, and ergonomics.
• A long battery life that far surpasses the average of all current wearables.
• Plug-in modules and high degree of customization for any user.
• A lot of available space for high-quality wireless headset hardware, virtual and augmented reality glasses, environmental, fitness and medical monitors, and ECG.
• Comfortable and ergonomic fit allows the device to be worn both on and under the clothes.
• A supreme organization of cables and control units always keeps the device ready and prevents wires from getting loose and tangled.
• The main control unit is located in the necklace and serves as a hub, while all user’s gadgets can be connected via a Personal Area Network.

Necktec is an open project. We’ve created a platform that changes the way we look at the wearables because the new form factor incorporates the boldest ideas in the field of wearable electronics. We are welcoming developers and manufacturers, specialists in acoustics, microelectronics, mechanics, programming, and industrial design.

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