NECKTEC® necklace

Over the last years we have developed the base for a wearable computer – a device that would include most required daily functionality (smartphone, audio player, blutooth headset, file storage, fitness tracker, medical sensors, AVR glasses,..), and able to interact by wireless connections with external devices and systems (screens, projectors, computers, smartphones, smart home systems, access systems,..).

We made a thorough study of the necklace form-factor as a wearable computer, we developed and patented (ссылка на общую картинку всех патентов) a number of solutions that allowed creating the optimum configuration of blocks and their sizes, shapes and buttons locations, earphones wire output points and wire ordering system, wire winding mechanism and storage system for wires and earbuds, and a special microphone array with highly effective noise reduction. All major decisions are patented.

Гарнитура для мобильного электронного устройства.
Патент РФ №2520184
Headset for a mobile electronic device.
U.S. Patent No 9282392
Neck-wearable communication device with microphone array.
U.S. Patent No 9812116
Headset for a mobile electronic device.
U.S. Patent No 9621978
Wearable telecommunication device in a form of a necklace.
U.S. Patent No 9883275
Wearable modular telecommunication device.
U.S. Patent No 9888313