Buttons and keys of the electronic necklace control interface are located as on the electronic unit housing in a forward side of the electronic necklace, and on right and left flexible loops, departing from the front electronic unit and going to a back side of the electronic necklace. Buttons on the electronic unit are duplicated, work only on simultaneous pressing.

All buttons, both on the electronic necklace, and on the electronic unit are located separately, on some distance from each other.

Ergonomic advantage of this interface is shown that buttons and command keys on the user's body are located in the area of an isosceles triangle with the horizontal base lying between he proximal end of clavicles and top, directed downwards in area of the xiphoid process of sternum (slightly higher in women), so that the reach area of a motor field considers features of the carrier’s clothes not only in warm, but also in cold climate (as an example, it is considered, basically, the man in standard Central European clothes) that allows the user to operate the device without getting it from under clothes, and pressing buttons and keys which easily are the user to the touch under standard clothes as rather nonadjustable, are projected approximately in one place concerning of the carrier’s body, a keys are tactilely distinguishable from each other.

Also, pressing can be carried out directly on the two opposing buttons with two fingers - thumb and index simultaneously on both sides of the loop. This eliminates accidental pressing (car seat belt, bag belts, etc.). Such an arrangement of the buttons provides maximum accessibility to them, even when wearing a tie, suit and outerwear.

Носимое устройство электросвязи.
Патент РФ №2574840
Accessory for mobile electronic device.
U.S. Patent No 9282179