Two-poisition in-ear headphone

The earphones assuming two ways of carrying:

In "comfort" mode earphone has flat, streamline form, the earphone housing is located in the bottom part of a bowl cavity where concentrated its main weight with a valid minor impact on the tragus – lower part of the antihelix (front - back), and internal part of the antitragus – bowl cavity (from the sides The second support point (from which get out earphones wires) may be the edge of the temporal bone, just above and over tuberculum supratragicum. Snap together two support points of earphone by elastic, arcuate, concave outward bar, in which (or which) are conductive elements, with an elastic bar its lower rear end covers earphones housing in the back part adjoining to antitragus, and the second end touches (and nestles) its flat surface to the temporal bone, just above and in front of tuberculum supratragicum, where the second end additionally protects the wires output from the earphone.

In a "quality" mode the user, having taken out earphones, turning them on their direct-axis on 60-90° upwards (counterclockwise right earphone, and clockwise left), and simultaneously placing the axis close to perpendicular to the body surface, inserts their most deeply the front end in the ear canal, providing a snug fit of the earphone housing to the ear canal wall.

Внутриушной наушник (варианты) и способ их ношения.
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"Comfort" position "Quality" position