NeckTec e-necklace – the new generation of wearables


NeckTec is the multitasking electronic wearable device in a new form-factor that presents almost unlimited functional possibilities.

We managed to combine precise mechanics with modern electronics that allowed us to coil earphone cables for compact storage      

Smart necklace is designed to be worn constantly (under clothes for men and as jewelry for women) and it is always ready to be used whenever necessary

It takes only three seconds to put the earphones to working position. It's easier than finding the phone in your pocket to answer the call       NeckTec smart necklace combines advanced wireless technologies with innovative system of wire winding, and almost weightless and unnoticeable earphones with two operating positions:
• comfortably open, allowing to hear ambient sounds;
• noise-proof closed, with high quality sound
Several NeckTec smart necklaces exist as working prototypes in various designs and are in active testing by our team.

The NeckTec® electronic necklace is the result of native combination of scientific research and design findings. The large amount of hardware base does not prevent comfort wearing, precision wire winding mechanism enables to wear smart necklace constantly while microphone array of noise cancellation provides Hi-End and HD-Voice in any noisy environment.

NeckTec Smart Necklace

just wear it